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GIS Maps provided by Dixon Associates

These maps and contained data are for demonstration purposes only and were not developed in accordance with National Map Accuracy Standards.  Any use of this product with respect to geodetic accuracy and precision shall be the sole responsibility of the user.  The GIS data contained in these maps have neither been developed nor verified by a professional licensed land surveyor and shall neither be, nor are intended to be used in matters requiring delineation and location of true ground horizontal and/or vertical controls.

The datasets have been obtained from sources believed to be reliable and, in part, are obtained from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Bureau of Geographic Information Systems digital data publications and the Atlantic County Office of GIS.  This secondary product has not been verified by NJDEP and is not state authorized.  The data may contain some nonconformities, defects, errors, omissions, and/or approximations.  We (Dixon Associates and the Township of Galloway) make no guarantee with respect to the data's accuracy and completeness and are not inviting total reliance on this data including the map, spatial, raster, and tabular information.





Location of the Galloway Township Municipal Building
300 E. Jimmy Leeds Road
Galloway, NJ 08205

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