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Economic Development
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Galloway Township Information - Its the Right Time to Grow Your Business in GallowayIt's the Right Time to Grow your Business in Galloway

Economic Development in its broadest sense is the creation of wealth in a community by mobilizing resources and providing opportunities and a healthy environment for businesses to grow and for residents to find desirable jobs.

The purpose of the Economic Development Department is to enhance the quality of life and raise the standard of living for all Township residents by creating a diverse economic base through the recruitment, expansion and retention of businesses, industries and tourism thereby expanding the tax base, generating capital investment and creating employment with higher income opportunities.Click here to visit the Galloway Business Association

Galloway Township is ranked 3rd in growth among municipalities in our area, with over 71,299.616 acres, or 111.40 square miles including the Wild Life Refuge. Galloway Township is the fastest growing municipality in Atlantic County and is ranked 20th in growth among 565 municipalities in New Jersey.  The population of Galloway is about 39,558 residents and there were over 13,499 dwelling units in the Township, with many that have been proposed or approved or under construction.

Galloway Township is located eleven miles from the gambling Mecca of Atlantic City New Jersey, which welcomes 30 million visitors each year, more than any other destination in the country. Many of those visitors travel to Atlantic City through Galloway Township giving the municipality very high regional visibility.

Galloway Township has experienced a tremendous amount of growth due primarily to the casino industry and the pending "second wave" of casino development that will generate an estimated 31,800 new jobs. Galloway Township stands poised to manage the impacts this development will have on the region and specifically the Township.

The Township is cognizant of the economic impact on the community expected from the continued expansion of the casino economy and will attempt wherever possible to create the balanced growth that is necessary for the fiscal health of the community.

Galloway Township is the home of several of the region's major employers and attractions including the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, the Edwin B. Forsythe Wildlife Refuge, the Atlanticare Medical Center Mainland Division and Betty Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation.  The Historic Towne of Smithville and the Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center are at home in Galloway Township. Galloway Township offers several excellent golf courses also; Seaview Dolce Golf Resort, Blue Heron Pines East and West, Galloway National Golf Club and the Pomona Golf Club.

The department staff works closely with all other Township departments and the Economic Development Committee as well as private and corporate citizens to ensure that Galloway Township can successfully compete with other municipalities, attract and retain high quality business and industry. Efforts to market the Township have been increased in the past year.

The Economic Development office staff collects and maintains information useful to business and industry including population estimates and projections, available land,  along with residential development trends.


Census Year Population Increase Percent
1970 8,276 2,642 46.90%
1980 12,176 3,900 47.12%
1990 23,330 11,154 91.60%
2000 31,209 7,879 33.8%
2010 39,558 10,110 34.33%

2008 American Community Survey

Family  Income  
Mean Family Income (Dollars) $70,470.00
Median Family Income (Dollars) $58,773.00
Per Capita Income (Dollars) $24,367.00